Snapchat can now change the world through its World Lens, also copies Instagram Story Rewind feature

The innovator is now the imitator. Snapchat is taking Instagram Stories’ rewind feature and making it their own. But the innovation is still there with more augmented reality features and new ways of sharing Snaps.

A new iOS and Android update of the app brings ‘World Lens’, incorporating the same reality distorting feature of ‘Selfie Lenses’. Only now, instead of adding dog ears and cat faces to your face, you can make clouds puke rainbow when you point your camera towards the sky. Some of the World Lenses can also animate faces depending on whether you use the front or the rear facing camera.

“World Lenses will help Snapchatters decorate the world around them in even more fun and creative ways,” is what Snapchat says when you open World Lenses by swiping through the camera screen. Along with clouds puking rainbow, there’s now a flashlight, snow, floating hearts and more.

The World Lenses are truly meant for the newly introduced Spectacle sunglasses, which Snapchat is gearing up to launch in a big way. Since you’ll mostly be looking at the world instead of your face, World Lens makes augmenting reality through the glasses more interesting and accessible.

And with new Lenses and Spectacles, Snapchat knows you wouldn’t want to keep your Snapchat Stories just to yourself. So Snapchat has introduced new ways to share your Snapchat Stories. You can now take your friend’s Story or a Live Story and share it as a Snap to your friends.

Snapchat is also bringing the most popular feature of Instagram Stories- the ability to rewind. Click on the left side of the screen when viewing a Snapchat story to go back to the previous Snap while a swipe left will take you to the beginning of the story.

Bringing over this feature and introducing the new ones is an important step for Snapchat as it is now competing directly with cash-rich Instagram. Also, since Snapchat doesn’t give any Follow suggestions or an Explore page like Instagram, the re-sharing option is an important addition to Snapchat’s arsenal and will likely boost its popularity in the face of Facebook acquiring the selfie-mask startup MSQRD.

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