Apple Watch 2 could suck this year

If you were disappointed with the first Apple Watch and were ardently waiting for the second generation model, then chances are you will be disappointed. According to long time Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo, the good folks at Cupertino are indeed planning to launch a new model this year, but design wise it will be more or less the same. Or in other words for most people the design will continue to suck.

Kuo claims that Apple is going to release a faster Apple Watch 2 which thanks to a new processor which will be faster and smaller thanks to TSMC’s new 16nm manufacturing technique. The Watch is also expected to add a GPS, barometer, apart from a thinner screen and a bigger battery, but all these upgrades have ensured that its design and size will likely remain quite similar to the current model.

To Apple’s credit, the Apple Watch has done quite well and has captured the top spot as far as smartwatches are concerned. At the same time, it isn’t reinventing the wheel with the smartwatch, but instead it has just created the best product of its kind.

It also doesn’t help that the Apple Watch is an expensive gadget to own despite the price cuts Apple has introduced. Since its unveil in 2014, Apple has updated the gadget twice and improved the product overall with new straps.

That being said, it continues to use the same design then chances are there will be fewer takers for the product as a wearable is a fashion accessory first and foremost and then it is a gadget per se.

Seemingly, it looks like Apple’s iconic team of designers lead by Sir Johnny Ive have lost their Midas touch. If anything, the last few iPhone designs and the leaked images of the iPhone 7 point towards the same. If there’s any solace, then you could say that it is a good thing that the Apple Watch 2 hasn’t been leaked yet.

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